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Real estate has been the chosen business in Elizabeth Wojtaszek’s family for three generations. Initially, however, she didn’t plan to walk that path. Elizabeth was preparing to attend college and study child psychology and political science when her mom persuaded her to give real estate a try. Still not quite convinced, she started her career as loan processor, while maintaining a retail job on the side. Seeing her potential, her boss encouraged her to go all-in and drop the side job. Once she did, success came quickly.

After spending years on the loan side of the business as a top-producing loan officer, Elizabeth finally became a licensed REALTOR® in 2014. “My goal was not to be the REALTOR® I had when I bought my first home. I wanted to be the REALTOR® who is always disclosing, being upfront and honest,” Elizabeth explains. “I have nothing to lose by doing that and it’s how my clients know I can be trusted to list and sell their homes.” That strategy certainly seems to be paying off, considering she was ranked among the top for sales volume in her office during her first year as an agent, 2nd year, and once again for her third consecutive year.

Clients throughout Southern California can count ton Elizabeth to be truthful, whether the news is good or bad. “I don’t sugarcoat anything. I can sympathize with clients and have that heart-to-heart moment, while at the same time giving them the reality of the situation,” she explains. “A lot of agents are scared that if they are completely honest with their clients they’re going to lose them, but that’s never been the way I think.”

Approaching her business with an open mind and an open heart allows Elizabeth to be 100% authentic, which echoes advice her mom has given her throughout her life. “She has always told me to be myself. Be open. And to be proud of who I am,” Elizabeth explains. “Most people aren’t looking for agents who wear expensive suits or drive the fanciest cars. They want to know that they can actually speak to me and know we’re on the same level,” she continues. “I have to be professional, yet a shoulder to cry on when dealing with clients who are in difficult situations.”

But don’t let Elizabeth’s heart for her clients distract from the fact that she’s also a skilled negotiator. “I love negotiating! I always say everything is negotiable. Even the front license plate on my car says “NEGOTIATOR,” Elizabeth laughs. “It’s that part of the business that gets me going. I love the challenge.

Her style of doing business has won Elizabeth extremely loyal clients who are more than happy to refer others to her for help. “After every close, I tell my clients that the way I took care of them is the way I’m going to take care of anyone they refer to me,” she says. In less than three years, that has allowed Elizabeth to develop a client base that’s almost entirely referral-based.

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